• MON 10th – LD retests & lower off FRI 7th FIX (1.1347), NY retests & higher off THU 6th FIX (1.1296). MON FIX (1.1319) higher confirming uptrend.
  • TUE 11th – NY retests & higher off MON 10th FIX (1.1319). TUE FIX (1.1340) higher confirming uptrend. TUE retests MON FIX 70%. TUE FIX is pivotal.
  • WED 12th – LD sets the LOD above TUE 11th FIX (1.1340), before NY breaks DEC High (1.1386). WED FIX (1.421) higher confirming uptrend
  • THU 13th – TY sets the LOD, above WED 12th FIX (1.1421), NY sets the HOD. THU FIX is pivotal.
  • FRI 14th – TY retests NY HOD, FRI is 50% the W-HIGH/W-LOW. LD pushes below THU 13th FIX (1.1461). FRI FIX (1.1433) lower confirming downtrend
  • MON 17th – LD retests & lower off FRI 14th FIX (1.1433), now pushing lower to retest DEC breakout (1.1386), Imbalance and Order Block (1.1366).
  • TUE 18th – MON or TUE is 50% the W-LOW/W-HIGH. Look for a retest & move higher off MON 17th FIX during LD/TUE 18th FIX during NY.

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