• Bullish Previous Weekly Profile
  • Market Maker Sell Model – Liquidity Run Thu High
  • Retracement into Discount Array – Daily/1h FVG
  • Smart Money Reversal
  • Market Maker Buy Model
  • EQH BSL Engineered
  • Retracement into Discount – Daily/1h FVG/+OB
  • Target EQH & Daily Failure Swing Liquidity


  • Bullish Dealing Range
  • FVG Sell Side Inefficiency Rebalanced
  • EQL & PWL SSL Taken
  • Accumulation Done
  • Close above Weekly Open Confirmation
  • Daily Failure Swings Above
  • Low Resistance Liquidity Run
  • BSL & PWH Above
  • Distribution after FOMC


Order Flow is Bullish – If in Premium of Previous Weekly Range, Wait for Retracement into Discount to go Long or Run on Liquidity. Remember Tuesday 70% of the time creates the high or low of the week.

  • 5m +OB & Propulsion Block Execution
  • 1H Order Block Support
  • Daily FVG BISI Confluence
  • Failure Swing Liquidity
  • Previous Weekly Discount
  • Daily FS, EQH & FVG DOL Above
  • $DXY Bearish Order Flow