Becoming a consistently profitable trader is only possible if you approaching trading with a ‘process’ oriented mindset, rather than a ‘goal’ oriented mindset. By this I mean focusing on trading a back tested strategy flawlessly rather than focusing on your P&L.

Depending on your schedule, there is the option to meet for 1 hour per Week or Month to work together on:

  • Building your trading system
  • Building your trading plan
  • Building your trading business
  • Understanding your market beliefs

In addition to The ICT Concepts Mentorship Program you will get access to:

  • Custom Indicators ($100)
  • 10 Trading Systems ($200)

The ICT Concepts Mentorship Program based around creating a system with a fixed criteria, defined in a away to give you an edge and eliminate impulsive trading.

The Multi-timeframe strategy will focus on Smart Money Concepts. We will use the Higher timeframes to establish a bias and identify HTF Draws on Liquidity. We will focus on the Daily and 1h timeframes initially, marking FVGs, Liquidity Pools and other DOLs & POIs. Execution will be on the LTF.

The strategy will be ruled based, based on the following:

  • What instruments we can trade
  • When we can trade
  • What timeframes we use for analysis and execution
  • What targets we set
  • What tools we use

A Weekly Plan & Daily Plan are critical to avoid overtrading.

Risk Management & Position Sizing will be covered fully once we have completed the above.

All sessions are held live 1-on-1 using Google Meet and can be recorded if you so wish.

Contact me directly to discuss a 3 Month or 6 Month, 1-on-1 Mentorship.

Smart Money Concepts covered:

  • The Algorithm – IPDA
  • Fair Value Gap – FVG
  • Order Block – OB
  • Breaker Block – BB
  • Mitigation Block – MB
  • Market Structure – MS
  • Premium Discount – PD
  • Optimal Trade Entry – OTE
  • Power of 3 – PO3
  • Accumulation, Manipulation, Distribution – AMD
  • FX & CME/Index Kill Zones – KZ
  • Central Bank Dealers Range – CBDR
  • Smart Money Technique – SMT
  • Market Maker Buy/Sell Model – MMxM
  • 3 Bar Swing
  • Equal High/Low – EQH/EQL
  • True Daily Open – TDO
  • Judas Swing
  • 0830 High Impact Data
  • London Fix
  • ICT Models

Other Topics:

  • TPO Profile Charts
  • Footprint Charts
  • Weekly Profile
  • Wyckoff
  • Market Regime
  • Risk Management
  • Position Sizing
  • Platforms
  • Indicators
  • Strategies
  • Back Testing
  • Prop Firms
  • Trading Plan